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Windows Installation and Linux

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The operating system (eg. Windows, Linux, Mac OS) on a computer is the environment in which we operate and do all our work. There are many versions of operating systems but among these the most popular are Windows XP, Windows Vista and Ubuntu Linux.

We can take any action to upgrade or downgrade any purchased operating system, or even setup your system to double boot and give you the option to choose in which operating system to boot into.

Windows or Linux Installation

If you have just bought a new computer and want to install Windows or you have an existing computer in which you need one of the operating systems to be installed, then we are here for you. An experience computer technician will come to your place and help you do all the appropriate tasks:

  • if you have data already on the pc, then all appropriate proceedures will be followed so you backup data that is needed
  • partition and format the disk for the operating system
  • after the installation, find the appropriate device drivers for installed hardware
  • update your operating system and if needed some applications such as the antivirus software

Upgrade to Vista or Downgrade to Windows XP

You just bought a brand new computer and you are dissapointed to see that it came with pre-installed Windows Vista ? If you really love a previous version of Windows, such as Windows XP Proffessional, then we can help you install them, given the fact that you already have purchased the appropriate licence for the software you need installed.

After installation the job of our technician is to find all appropriate drivers for you windows installation. Sometime this can be a time consuming proceedure because hardware companies don't support every version of windows and it's very common to see some drivers custom made.

What is Ubuntu Linux and has advantages

Linux is a very promissing volunteer effort to make a non-commercial and free of charge operating system. The latest stage of it's development has shown that today, Linux and especially Ubuntu Linux is a very nice operating system that could stand as an excellent oponent to Microsoft Windows. What is very important to using Ubuntu Linux is it's free use. You don't pay nothing for the operating software or the applications that come with it.

In other words, imagine that you can install something like Windows, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, etc.), Photoshop (image processing), Internet Explorer (using Internet) and more without having to pay anything to buy these applications because they are free of charge.

The main advantages of Linux over Windows is in the following:


Cost: The cost to buy Windows is about 100-200 €.
Ubuntu operating system and applications in Linux are free of charge


No Computer viruses: In Windows there is a high risk of infection from viruses, trojans, spyware and need Antivirus. Linux has no virus infections.


System Integrity : Antivirus and protection software in Windows slow down your computer in windows. Under Linux the system remains stable over time.


No Defragmentation : In Windows you often need to do to defragment your system. In Linux there's no need for that.

Two major disadvantages of Linux however are:

  • lack of compatibility with major commercial applications such as accounting programs and specialized applications
  • the need to adopt to a new way of doing daily proceedures, as Linux has a little different user interface that may trouble you at the beginning

If you want to experience the world of free software, such as Linux, a computer technician can visit your place and deliver to you a free Linux installation CD, test it with your system, without harming you current operating system.

Alternatively you can ask our tech to proceed with Ubuntu Linux installation alongside Windows, so that at the beginning of boot procedure you can choose which operating system you want to use.

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