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The main concept of has began in 2006 from a small group of computer technicians in Athens Greece, trying to delivery quality on-site technical support to Businesses and Home Users, while delivering quality laptop repair services.

Quickly this created the core of one of the largest human specialized IT network in Greece and within two years the new company offices in Pireaus, Greece were created.

The people of combined some services that were hard to find such as computer service at home, laptop service and data recovery services but also added one very valuable element, that is quality of service.

Our moto in is «Your local computer technician, all over Greece». The company's advertisment was very little and that's because most of our clients were introduced by other clients. Word of mouth was the best advertisment that made our Company popular. But what makes different from other companies is quality of service and human behaviour. Our technicians are not employees, they are partners, and the want our clients to be satisfied before they leave. today

Today Technical support network Ltd

  • has already registered more than 150 computer technicians from which deliver their services to Corporate or Retail users from all over Greece. The Computer Technicians registration is open and more computer specialists join the network every month.
  • More than 150 on-site computer repairs every month
  • The customer list exceeds 800 unique clients

Our call center inbound calls, come mainly from Attica (70%), from Thessaloniki (20%) and the rest 10% from other cities in Greece

Our workforce is undertaking projects of various software and hardware companies that have a wide client spread all over Greece.

Our main services today are:

The future

Technical Support Network Ltd from February 2009 and with a new legal form and management, improoves its logistics and internal proceedures, installs a new call center and hires more personel, in order to achieve maximum quality of service control.

Holding a leading place within its competitors, sets new goals such as :

  • Increasing market share by creating attractive contracts for companies and retail customers
  • Brand Name Establishment in the Market
  • Cooperation with computer stores all around Greece
  • Quality of Service Control
  • Target new Market shares
  • Development of new parnerships with larger Computer related companies
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