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Technical Support Contract


Computer Systems are the core for every business or home environment in these days. Everything is done using computers, telecommunications and computer peripherals (devices that connect to computers). If a hardware or software problem occurs, then your overall schedule is going back. That's why you need Technical Support from a reliable company that is always by your side.

In our company we support business or home users with Technical Support Contract which gives the client more safety regarding our computer support services.

What is a Technical Support Contract ?

ContractIt's a contract that is signed between our company and you which ensures that we provide our services on time and with the appropriate quality.

If your organization requires on-site visitation frequently or at scheduled intervals, this is the solution for you. We offer several different plans to fit your needs and budget from only a few hours a month to full-time on-site consultants.

Clients under technical support contracts automatically receive priority trouble ticket resolution - especially useful at critical times when major software flaws, vulnerabilities, and virus attacks threaten many of our clients' systems simultaneously and our on-site technicians are booked for extended periods of time.

Contact us to inform you about Technical Support Pricing.

What does a Technical Support Contract offer ?

  • Commitment of technical responseς within a specific time
  • Gradual Discount that can reach as much as 30%
  • Technical Support on Weekends or Holidays (optional)
  • Access in a technician's mobile phone
  • Instant Remote Support (optional)

Contact us to solve any questions you may have for Technical Support Contracts.

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