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Service Guarantee

computer service guarantee

Our job is over only when the client certifies it and is satisfied with the final result or we diagnose faulty hardware that the client doesn't accept to replace.

Our company gives a service guarantee to all Software and Hardware problems that are fixed in our Computer Service department or on-site.

Guarantee for Computer Problems

For any service that takes place in our Computer Service department or on-site, the client gets a guarantee of 30 days.

In case that the same problem occurs within these 30 days from the date of the service, then our company must fix the problem again with no extra cost or end up with a hadware fault diagnosis that will not proceed for any reason. This only includes services and not hardware that is bought from third party providers. Hardware guarantee from third party providers can vary, according to each hardware individual guarantee.

Computer Service guarantee doesn't cover the following problems :

  • The cost of service and equipment bought if the client has any responsibility for the problem that occured
  • When we diagnose hardware fault that the client denies for any reason to replace.
  • Any hardware or service that were not part of the service that was provided by our company
  • When the client has the responsibility for computer virus infections (i.e. didn't follow the computer technicians advice)

Laptop Service Guarantee

All Laptops / Notebooks that were part of the service of our company come along with 3 months written guarantee.

If the laptop that was repaired for a specific hardware failure and the problem occurs again within the specified guarantee period, then our company handles all repair costs again for the specific part, except if the laptop is non-repairable.


The Laptop Service guarantee doesn't cover the following issues :

  • When the client has any responsibility for the problem (for example laptop drop, violent transportation, use in high temperatures etc)
  • Failure that occurs due to high voltage
  • If the laptop is non-repairable then our company makes a discount to the client, equal to the initial repair cost, for installing a new motherboard
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