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Remote Support Services

remote support

Do you need instant computer support without waiting for a computer technician to come to your place ?

Remote Computer Support is a proceedure which help us access your computer, using secure connection and fix the majority of daily problems.

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What is the Remote Computer Support Service ?

Σύνδεση με το Internet - ADSLMost computer problems that we face are software problems. With the use of todays technology and internet services, it is very easy for a computer technician to connect to your laptop or desktop computer and access the operating system as if he was phusically there.

Using our special software (remote suite), and with your approval you may deliver the control of your operating system, temporarely, to one of our techs and let him inspect, diagnose and correct you computer problem. Two very important advantages are that this service has reduced cost and you have full control over the actions of your computer. So any time you need to control your computer, as the tech works on it, you can.

Is the Remote Support Secure for the client ?

remote support securityMost of our clients hesitate to use this service due to false urban legends. The most common false theory is that the technician, once connected with your computer, may access your computer anytime.

Remote computer support is used very widely and the security it provides is sometimes better than having a computer geek physically present on your machine.

Some of the things you should know about remote support :

  • The remote support application does not install on your computer permanently. It only executes once you double click it. When closed, it will remove all its files from your pc immediately.
  • Even if you accidentally run the remote access software, others can't access your computer before you give them the Support ID code, that it is randomly created each time you run the application.
  • During the remote support session you can see every move the computer techician makes and you can interfere any time. You have the absolute control of the machine. You may prevent him from accessing your personal files if you see that he accidentally tries to do it.
  • At any time the client may interrupt the session with a press of a button.
  • The remote support session has a 256bit security and it is encrypted.

What kind of problems can remote support solve ?

The majority of problems (excluding hardware ones) can be solved using remote computer support, such as :

  • Virus, Spyware, Ad-ware infections
  • Installation of Applications
  • Setting Up Wireless Security
  • Mail account installation to your mail client (Outlook, Outlook express)
  • Installation of peripheral devices such as printers and cameras
  • Backup
  • Computer optimization
  • Computer Slow Down resolution

Why should i choose remote support ?

You have the following advantages :

  • Its Quick : A computer technician may connect within an hour to your personal computer and help you out
  • It's cheap : The cost is reduced due to lack of trasportation costs
  • It's educational : The client may observer the technician working on his computer and learn from the proceedures.

Remote Support cost

Remote technical support is charged upon sessions of 30 minutes as described below :

  • 30 minutes Remote Computer Support: 25€
  • 1 hour Remote Support : 40€
  • 2 hour Remote Support : 70€
  • 4 hour Remote Support : 120€

Begin Remote support session

1 Clik the following button to start a chat session with a technician. Please fill in all appropriate information :

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2 Pay before the service starts. You may pay through Paypal or you may charge your credit card :

Session Time
30 minutes
1 hour
2 hours
4 hour

3 Download and execute the Remote Support Tool. If windows firewall prevents you, then ask the technician for a solution. Click here.

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