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Services Pricelist

pricing - τιμοκατάλογος

Our company provides quality of services in very low prices to its clients.

Customer Satisfaction is our main issue regarding the services we provide.

On-Site Technical Support Services Cost

  • Corporate Computer Support Cost : 50€ / hour + VAT
  • Home Computer Support Cost : 40€ / hour (VAT included)

Regarding the upper pricelist:

  • It is obligatory for our company to provide legal invoices to our client When our technician provides its services he must leave a technical sheet that only describes what is done and brings along, our employee signature and yours. The legal invoice (that brings all the appropriate tax signature) will issued and sent by e-mail or normal mail to you 3 days after our visit. You can then print it and use it as legal invoice.
  • Our invoices are Services Provision invoices and can be used to reduce your yearly income tax. So please print and use our invoices.
  • For visits outside the municipality of Athens, there will be an extra charge for our technician to visit you on-site. That charge is 1€ / km from the limits of municipality of Athens.
  • For Services provided after Saturday 15:00 until Sunday and on Holidays the prices are increased by 50%.

Estimated Repair Cost for various Repairs

The following pricelist is just an estimation and it is must not be considered as an official pricelist. To our visits a per hour cost is applied as described earlier and this varies between corporate and retail users.


Off Site cost
On-Site Cost
Install and Setup Computer or Peripheral devices We connect your computer and we demonstrate its use
Time : 60'
Cost: 1 hour
Connect a PC to the internet. Activate Internet ADSL Connection Install Modem / Router
Connection Activation
Demonstrate Internet Explorer Use
Demonstrate E-mail Use
Time : 60'
Cost: 1 hour
Windows / Linux / MacOS Installation Prepare Partitions
Backup Image Creation
Operating System Installation
Drivers Installation
2 hours
Time : 120'
Cost: 2 hours
Diagnose Computer Problem and Repair Computer Problem Diagnosis
Computer Problem Repair
Verification of problem
2 hours
Time : Unknown
Cost: 1-4 hours
Virus Removal
Spyware Removal
Find and remove installed virus or spyware programs
2 ώρες
Time : 60'
Cost: 1 hour
Upgrades Market Research
Buy Hardware
Install Hardware
Install Drivers
Verify operation
2 hours
Time : ~120'
Cost: 2 hours
Microsoft Office and other Applications Installation Install and demonstrate an application 
Time : 60'
Cost: 1 hour
Create a Backup / Setup Automatic Backup Function Create and verify Backup to an optical or external medium
Create and explain automatic backup proceedure
2 hours
Time : 120'
Cost: 1-3 hours
Antivirus Installation Installation of Virus Protection Software
1 hour
Time : 30'
Cost: 1 hour


Cost Estimation for Laptop Service

The following service tasks are estimated costs and not actual costs. The final cost of your laptop repair will be calculated based on the hardware your laptop repair will require. In the process of laptop repair you will be informed by our call center for the exact price of your repair and then you will have to decide wether you would like your equipment to be repaired or not.

Laptop Repair time estimation is not always accurate as, sometimes our company orders specific parts from foreign countries and outside Europe. That makes predictability of delivery time very difficult. Also when a laptop is repaired, it must stay in our labs, so it can be tested for at least 3 days before the delivery to the client, as we issue a 3 month service guarantee for our repair and that must be verified.


Laptop Service Task
Estimated Time
Minimum Service Charge and Delivery to the Client It includes diagnose services and delivery to the client via Courrier Service
40 €
4 working days
Laptop Monitor Repair 

Laptop Monitor Replacement

LCD Screen Replacement

It depends from the size of the laptop screen :

LCD 8.9'' : 145€
LCD 10'' : 195€
LCD 12.1'': 225€
LCD 14.1'' : 200€
LCD 15.4'' : 190€
LCD 15.4'' : 200€
LCD 16'' : 210€
LCD 17'' : 240€

the upper prices are not a commitment, we must first check individual part numbers.

145€ – 330€

5-15 working days

If the monitor has to be ordered, might take more than a month

Inverter Problem / Backlight problem Repair or Replacement of laptop inverter or Back Light (includes the part's cost)
100€ - 190€
7 working days
Laptop Power Jack Repair Repair or replacement of the laptop repair jack
70€ – 150€
7-10 working days
Various Laptop parts Repair or Replacement Depending on the laptop part, it can be repaired or replaced.
Depends on the part's cost
3-15 working days
Motherboard Repair 80% of laptop motherboards can be repaired from our technicians
230€ – 300€
more than 7 days
Motherboard Replacement When repair of the motherboard cannot occur, then if the laptop is expensive, we can replace the laptop's motherboard. The parts are ordered from foreign countries, thus we are not responsible for delivery times. Our service replaces a motherboard within 3 days if we have the part.
270€ – 400€
7-45 working days
Sell your Laptop Depending on how old is your laptop we may offer you a price to buy it.
15€ - 80€

All the upper prices include the Courrier's cost to deliver your laptop to Greece of the repaired laptop.

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