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Business networking and Data Cabling

Local area network - home LAN

Networking is a major is a major issue for Businesses nowadays. Everything is based on computers : software, communications, paperwork, printing and so much other daily business issues.

So if somebody takes you to cheap solutions, when it comes to networking, just to reduce cost, then consider that your business may experience problems in the future that will cost you more. Network cabling for voice and data is an installation that needs to be done with care so that it can ensure you reliability.

Network Installaton for Voice and Data in your Business

If your company has already done the electrical installation for voice and data, then the steps are easy. We need to ensure the cables connectivity, install the appropriate routers, switches or hubs and connect them with the Internet.

Our technician will come to your place, estimate the cost for the appropriate equipment, cabling and work hours needed for your network and then you will be given a detailed quote for cost and estimated days of delivery.

If cables are not installed, then you may need to consider networking your business through the power network, using Power Over Ethernet solutions. The installation is less reliable, but can be done within a couple of hours, reducing the cost a lot. If you have more that 5 data points, then you may consider normal cabling via RJ45 solutions.

Structured Data Cabling and Patch Panel Installation

Data Cabling in your business should be able to serve you for 10 to 20 years, longer than any other part of your network installation, but it probably accounts for a small proportion of your budget, as usual. During this period, the demands on infrastructure will increase, so you will need to provide options for growth and flexibilty throughout your installation from the beginning.

Once you install your cabling system, changes can be disruptive and expensive so it’s essential to do a good study on the beginning. With our experience in the cabling business, can do this for you.

You can benefit from good value and service, various options by asking for a project manager to survey your premises free of charge. We will respond quickly and you'll get a professionally written design and proposal for a solution that meets your current needs and provides for your future growth. To match your budget and bandwidth requirements, we can install a HellermannTyton, ADC KRONE TrueNet® or Quantum cabling system. These can be Cat5e for Gigabit Ethernet or Cat6a for 10 Gigabit.

Unlike other cabling companies, we use subcontracted labour, and we check the delivery of the service and the customer's satisfaction. So you’ll benefit from having well-trained and specialised technicians.

Some of our services include :

  • Conduction a network connections study
  • Data Outlets and Voice Outlets Mapping
  • Constucting cable channels without touching the electrical installation
  • Data Cabling
  • Voice Cabling
  • Server Cabling
  • Patch Panel Installation
  • Rack Installation
  • Network Connectivity check (using high end checker)
  • Certify Network Connections and provide connectivity printout

Wireless Networking Infrastructure

Wireless Network RouterNowadays business often prefer using wireless networking infrastructure because it's more cost effective and doesn't need any actual cable infrastructure to be used.

Wireless Networks are installed within a day, their equipment is more expensive but it comes cheaper when considering all costs, compared with a classic wired network.

Of course it has two major drawbacks and these are reliability and security. Wireless networks are not very reliable when we handle loads of bandwidth through data or voice.

If you already maintain a WiFi network and you have problems with wireless network then our experienced computer technician will come and fix it on-site. Most of the wireless network problems rely on bad setting or wrong placemet of the WiFi antennas.

wireless securityWireless Network Security is one of the major drawbacks of Wireless Networks for Business. There have been lots of incidents where neighbours had access to Business Wireless Networks that didn't have the appropriate security.

If somebody access your Business network, then he may use your internet connection and / or identity or even worse expose your data to public view.

Our company will ensure that your data will be secure from external intruders, using multiple ways of locking the access to your wireless routers.

For ADSL connection problems and installation you may read the appropriate chapter.

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