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Laptop power jack service

Laptop DC Power Jack Repair

One of the most common problems on notebooks is the broken laptop power jack or the loose power jack that prevents your laptop from charging.

If you drop your laptop, the power jack is the most sensitive part that will fail to work after a fall. Even though laptop jack repair is a tough process that requires time, some computer stores will try to replace your whole motherboard for hundreds of euros. Have in mind tha the power jack can be repaired at relatively low costs.

How can i tell if i have a faulty laptop power jack ?

Some of the things you may encounter when you have a faulty power jack are the following :

  • Your monitor has some brightness changes without any obvious reason, as if you disconnected your laptop and it works on battery
  • When you charge your laptop, the charging light sometimes turns off
  • Your laptop charging seems to get interrupted
  • Your laptop works only on battery
  • You push the cable of the power adapter in order to make your laptop work on AC current.
  • Sparks come out the back of the laptop

Why laptop power jacks become faulty ?

  • Flaw in manufacturer components
  • Use of universal or non-original ac adapter
  • Lots of plugging and unplugging of the ac adapter
  • Pulling the ac adapter cord or pushing it in the travel bag

What is the cost of laptop power jack service ?

The cost varies and depends on the problem we need to repair. You may check our services pricelist to see a cost estimation of common laptop problems.

If you are outside Athens, Greece and you want to send us your laptop, then please see the packaging instructions.

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