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Data Recovery from Hard Disks or other media

data recovery - recover data from hard disk


I deleted my files ! I erased my hard disk ! I formated my hard disk drive. My hard disk crashed.

Do you need hard disk repeair or data recovery from hard disk or flash disk drive ?

We can provide you with proffessional data recovery services and get data back from all means of data storage.

Maybe do you want to erase your data , permanently delete your files, erase your hard disk ?

I've lost my files ! I have a broken hard disk drive !

Cool down and do nothing. Don't you try to recovery your files alone, or there is a possibility to destroy them with no turning back. If your data is not so valuable, you can try various software that can do data recovery, there's even freeware ones in the market that has some possibility of recovering your files. But if your data is crucial, then do not try anything. Just handle us your hard disk or usb drive and let us do the job. Have in mind that if the hard drive has severe damage, then there is a high risk that using data recovery software, can cause unrepairable damage to your data. Wrong moves and your data will be never be able to be recovered again even by data recovery experts.

Data recovery and files recovery requires a specific order of moves, depending on the problem diagnosis, that can lead to major percentage

My hard disk is not recognized by BIOS

A very often incident is when the hard disk cannot be found by BIOS. Also sometimes when you connect the hard disk the system freezes. The malfunctioning hard drive is preventing your system to operate correctly.

In that case it is crucial not to try software means of recovering your data. The less you try the better the chances that we can recover your data. Try to send the hard disk as soon as possible to our labs, so that no further damage to the heads of the disk occurs. We have about 85% chance that your data will be recovered.

Data Recovery Diagnosis

For your information, hard disk recovery problems can be categorized in 3 difficulty levels depending on the problem :

  • Level 1 : Software problem this can be solved using special software and it just needs a lot of time to recover your data, depending on the size of the disk. Usually we charge 100€ - 200€ for this time of recovery.
  • Level 2 : Electronics circuit problems on the hard disk (250€ - 600€)
  • Level 3 : Mechanical problems of the hard disk, broken head or platters (the cost is usually 500€ - 950€)

Unfortunatelly, we cannot inform you about the cost by phone, because hard disk diagnosis is a difficult proceedure that usually needs the disk opened before conclusions can be made. So we will ask you to bring the hard disk to our labs and with no obligation, we will inform you about the cost of the data recovery service.

Before you pay, you will be given a full file list of the files that will be recovered fully, so you can see if the data recovery is woth the money.

Data recovery proceedure

There is a specific proceedure that we follow, when data recovery mediums are beeing delivered to our labs and this proceedure is followed by every reliable data recovery company:


The customer brings to our labs, the medium that has the problem or we send a courrier to get the hard disk or flash disk from your place.


We inform the client for the percentage of the disk that is recoverable and for the price of the data recovery.


We send an application form to the client, which must be signed and returned to us, where the client accepts the data recovery proceedure. After the recovery of his data the client has 2 options. Either he gets all data recovered and pays for the service, or he states that no valuable data is needed so he pays nothing. No payment is required in this step.


The client receives a full list of all recovered data and decides weather he pays for the service or not. We don't send seperate files. The recovered data is delivered as a whole and not seperately. There is no option of partial recovery. So in this step, the client either pays and gets all data, or he rejects and pay nothing.


The client receives the data in a medium of his choice and makes the final arrangements for the payment. The data can then be shipped to him.

Safety and Discretion of your data

Your data safety and discretion is our top priority.

During the data recovery proceedure our company signs a form which ensures that the client's data cannot be accessible by others or either by the staff of our company. The data recovery proceedure is beeing run on computers that do not have internet access and once recovered we only keep the data for 4 days, until the client assures us that the data is beeing delivered correctly. Then we use wipe tools to permanently erases the recovered files.

From what medium we can recover data ?

We handle data recovery from every medium, such as :

  • hard disk (IDE, SATA etc)
  • tape backups
  • Raid
  • Iomega ZIP drivers
  • CD Rom - DVD Rom
  • USB Flash Memory
  • Memory Cards : Secure Digital SD (mini SD, micro SD, SDHC, SDHC Plus), Compact Flash CF, Multimedia Card MMC, Memory Stick (MS, MS Pro, MS Pro DUO), Picture Card xD
  • Optical Disks
  • Mobile Phones
  • Pen Drives
  • Mp3 Players

What are the chances that my data is recoverable

From our experience we can say that our success percentages are over 90% of the devices that come to our labs. If we want to be more specific, in most cases (95%) data can be partially recovered while only 5% cannot be recovered at all. So there is a big chance that your data will be recovered.

When the data cannot be recovered ?

In most cases, as stated earlier most of the data can be recovered. There are some cases though that we cannot help, such as:

  • If data has already been written on the data you want recovered, then there is no chance anybody can help you. Format though, is another process, and we can save your data even if you formated a drive.
  • If defragmentation has occured.
  • If you' ve done a low level format (using a special tool)
  • If the hard disks surface has been ruined. If scratched, broken or affected by dust the data is gone.

Data recovery cost

No data - no payAs stated earlier the cost depends on the problem of the hard disk. It begins with 100€ and can go up to about 950€ but before the cost estimation, you need to bring in your medium so that it can be diagnozed by our techs. You don't pay anything if the data is not recovered.

The hard disk diagnosis, lasts about 2-3 days and you get to know the final cost in advance. High cost recovery can be arranged with partial payments.

If we don't manage to recovery your crucial files then you don't pay. Except of course if there are delivery expences to and from our service.

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