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Securely Wipe Data - Permanent Delete Files

delete data wipe files

Are you sure that you formated a drive and data cannot be recovered ?

Did you know that a normal "delete" command does not actually delete files at all. But even with more advanced "file wiping" utilities, some data may remain that is very useful for a forensic investigator. In particular, the magnetic properties of a hard disk can be exploited to recover data.

Areas of concern for your "deleted" data

There are three areas of particular concern.

  1. When a file is written to a disk, it has a certain number of sectors or clusters allocated to it. The area of disk space provided, is always larger than the file itself. Deleting a file alone, leaves a space which can contain sensitive data. There are a number of ways in which this sensitive data can be deposited without a user knowing it.
  2. It is in the nature of a computer, to always be updating one file or another. Every time a file is updated or "saved", new copies are created and written wherever there is sufficient space. Applications can create huge numbers of such files. When a file is eventually deleted, only the last image is accounted for. All other images appearing as free disk space, unseen, unsuspected. That is until a disk is viewed with the appropriate software; then is all is revealed. Even when partially overwritten, these files can make interesting reading !
  3. As if the preceeding were not enough, applications also create "temporary" files as part of their normal execution. That these files are not so "temporary", can now be appreciated.

We can wipe data or mediums for you

We can use one of the following techniques from our data recovery lab

  • Wipe
  • Secure Wipe
  • Hardware Secure Wipe
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