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Computer Seminars - Computer Training

computer training - computer seminars

Everyone can learn computers. Every age has its own difficulties and challenges that must be faced in order to achieve the appropriate result.

If you have the really have the desire to learn computers, we will be always text to you.

Computer courses for beginners

There apaititai no prior knowledge to begin. We love the computer and we are confident that within a few hours we will show you how to love the computer and the Internet.

  • How to get connected to the internet ?
  • How do I send e-mail ?
  • How can I create an e-mail ?
  • How can I chat with other users ?
  • How can I make my own website ?

These questions will be answered within a few hours and you will be proud of yourself.

The need to link up and learn the internet these days is quite pronounced.For this reason private seminars deliver computers that are adapted to your needs.There is no specific hours to be filled.Κάθε άνθρωπος έχει τους δικούς του ρυθμούς εκμάθησης. Everyone has their own learning pace.We will be beside you until you feel independent.

I need to get a degree in computers or IT

Word, Excel, Powepoint, Internet, Access, Outlook is some of the data objects which are asked to pass exams for certification known as the ECDL, ICT, etc.

Here the answer is simple.A trainer will come to your place for several hours and will show you the key on the item to be considered.

How long will the computer seminar? Of course as you need.Remember that in a particular lesson rates are not the same team with the computer lesson.The pace may be slower or faster than normal.The issue always is to feel your confidence for your knowledge.

Before leaving the trainer will give you material for study, which is accessible via the internet, so you can experiment and do exercises.We want to keep under our constant supervision.Interested to do your self.If you xanachreiasteite are always beside you.

I need private seminars on a specific application

Web Design, Autocad, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Frontpage, Adobe Illustrator and more.Projects which need time and practice.Following consultation with our company can arrange a seminar on your computer, on the subject you choose.

How much do computer courses cost ?

There is a constant charge per hour technical / trainer in our company and this depends on whether you are an individual or company.You can see the detailed price list us for more information regarding charges us by clicking here.

However if you are interested in for several hours of lessons is good to see the contracts in support of our company that can offer up to 30% discount off the original price if the hours proagorasete you.

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