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ADSL Installation Services

Σύνδεση με το Internet - ADSL

Internet connections is one of the basic services for home and companies. Especially for companies is very crucial to have a reliable internet connection. Everyone is spending lots of hours per day working on the world wide web, e-mail and other internet services. Internet Providers in Greece are many and people often don't make the right choice. That's why you need a computer technician. We can help you choose the best adsl provider for your needs, setup your router when it arrives and provide you with full technical support and computer seminars.

Which is the best Internet Provider ?

We represent all major Internet providers in Greece (Otenet, Forthnet, Tells, HOL etc) and that's why we can help you decide which is the best for your needs after we discuss with you to find out your needs. Some people need reliable internet connection, while others focus on telephony. Quality of services is one of the major drawback of alternate internet providers, but if you choose Otenet which is the major Greek Internet and Telephony provider you loose on monthly fee, as this is the most expensive choice. Let those questions and dillemas on the side, and focus on your job and enterteinment. We will do the best choice for you.

Setup your Internet Connection

When the appropriate equipment is there, we handle the rest. We will help you setup your internet connection, safeguard your router from intruders and teach you how to safely use the internet.

One of our computer technicians will come to your place and :

  • Install and configure your Router and Connections
  • Install and configure your mail client so that you can receive your email
  • Teach you how to safely use the internet and visit web sites
  • Teach you how to use search engines and other internet tools
  • Setup Internet sharing, in case you need to distribute internet access to other computers in your place

Computer Technician's cost

Usually it takes about 1 hour to setup and configure most Routers and another one hour for the technician to explain to you the most basic Internet Services. In case of problems though, it might take a little longer. You can check our our computer technician's on site pricelist.

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